Game dev/audio:

    • Audio, design and code for "Operation Hardcore", a retro-inspired action game launching for PC (available now in Early Access on Steam!)
    • Audio and level design for Global Game Jam 2014 entry "Mirror mirror in the cave" (2014)
    • Audio and level design for MiniLD #48 entry "Scheme Theme" (2014)
    • Code and audio editing for "Papa Pirate: Baby Bandit", an indie game by Kinou Games (2011)
    • Sound design for Xbox Live indie game "Balls N Walls" (2011)
    • Code for Sony Ericsson Game Developer challenge entry "Stumpy" (2004)
    • Music for "ZapEm", a Tapwave Zodiac game created by Vicious Bytes (2004)
    • Code and audio for 72 hour Game Development Competition entry "Frooty Booty" (2004)
    • Sound design for RetroRemakes competition entry "Dig Dug" (2004)
    • Sound design for "Zappo", an independent game by Wit Entertainment (2003)
    • Provided three tracks for the original release of the Macintosh fighting game "The Untouchable"

    Events promotion (as Phase Productions, Ottawa)

    • Release (1999), Release 2
    • Delicate Beats (1999)
    • Ready 2 Rumble (2000)
    • Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 (2002)

    Events promotion (as SnugSound, Halifax):

    • Hosting The Deep End at various locations in Halifax (2010-2015)
    • "Patchwork" series (2010-2012)
    • Kollektiv (2012 to present)